Bondpaw Dog Waste Bags Large and Thick for Pet

  • Big Enough for Any Business:Each pet waste bags measures 8.7x12.6 inches ,Big enough for picking up waste,for even the largest of dogs.
  • Thick and Tough,Leak Proof :The dog poop bags are strong, thick enough to be reassuring and not let you feel what you're picking up too closely,and also simply locks in the odors.
  • Easy to Open :Each dog poop bag pull off from the roll easily and open with a quick pinch so you can deal with a quick pinch.
  • 20 Rolls (300 Bags) :The Bondpaw dog waste bags contains 20 Rolls (300 Bags),Which are made to fit all standard sized dispensers.
  • Notice:For easy to open the first bags in each roll .Pls torn from the middle of the white Stickers.Like as the image 5. So that the first bag can not be tear off .               

Bondpaw is a brand which focus on pet products. It is based on the "3S"(safe Simple,Seemly) If you have a dog ,it poops ,and you have to chean up that poop somehow. The Bondpaw dog poop bag can make the process a little more pleasant . big enough for even the largest of dogs, and thick enough to ensure there are no messes. Also great for cat litter boxes. Recyclable - Our cardboard cores and packaging are made from 100% recyclable materials. This Bondpaw Pet Waste Bags contains 20rolls of 15 powder fresh scented bags for a total of 300bags - a 6+ month supply. Note that If you have any question about this item, please contact us with the email address on the poop bag .

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