Dog Rope Toys

  • Safe Materials: Bondpaw dog cotton knotted rope toy is made of non-toxic reinforced cotton and TPR Tug .Non-toxic staining. Most importantly, the middle part is made of cotton rope, very strong and durable for aggressive chewers.
  • Innovative&Enhance Communication:The interactive dog toy with TPR Round Ring handle keep hands from biting while playing with the dog or training.It’s a bond between you and dog,which makes the training more interesting through tug of war, throwing and chewing game.
  • Clean Tooth and Keep healthy : The sturdy puppy chew toy helps to clean the dog's tooth, resist plaque accumulation and prevent gum disease, which can improve dental health.
  • ※Notice:The toy weighs nearly 1 lb, which is recommended for Medium or Large dogs.Like every toys ,the cotton rope toys are not indestructible,recommend supervised play .If it chewed up,  take it away to prevent dog from swallowing accidentally .
  • Premium Quality :We take pride in the high quality of our dog chew toys and provide a 6 month replacement warranty, we will replace the dog tug toys if there's any problem.

“bowwow, bowwow, bowwow” your dog is bored with growling and encircling your feet as if praying for you to play with him ,then you just respond to him with touching his head and smile .Actually ,I know you are helpless, restlessness and anxiety.We are make sure that you need a toy definitely at this time.

Bondpaw is a brand which focus on pet products. It is based on the “3S”(safe Simple,Seemly).Focus on pet toys ,aim at providing safer and more interesting toys for dogs,make your dog out of boredom and relieve restlessness while building deeper emotion with you and preventing damage to furniture.

The advantages of Bondpaw cotton rope toys:

Cleaning deodorant&Health care:Chewing after meals can prevent dental calculus .

Not easy to break:Bite resistant crude cotton rope is best molar companion to prevent damage to furniture.

Interactive play&Enhance feelings:The accompanying of puzzle toys to relieve the uneasiness.

TPR+ Cotton is Healthier:Safe material, non-toxic and tasteless .

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