At BONDPAW, we’re committed to constant improvement through users' feedback. Our Power User program is one of the main ways we engage with users to learn how we can do better. As a Power User, you can sign up to receive free samples of existing and pre-release products in exchange for insightful and unbiased feedback. Try our products. Share your experience. Help us get it right.

The list of products can be choose for reviews

  • 1. Why do you have the Power User Program?

    At BONDPAW, we strive to design our products from a consumer perspective with a commitment to constant improvement. The Power User Program was created so we can more directly engage with users to learn how we can do better. Particularly for our newly released products, we offer a limited supply of free test samples in exchange for early feedback. This feedback helps us better gauge market response and get a head start on any areas that might need improvement. We also encourage Power Users to share their reviews publicly to help inform prospective buyers about what they can expect from new BONDPAW products.

  • 2. What are the Program benefits?

    Power Users can apply for a free BONDPAW product to review and keep up to 8 times every year (12 months from first product request). Selections will vary to reflect our product focus, but Power Users may choose according to their own interest – there is no obligation to receive or review an undesired product.

  • 3. What are the Program responsibilities?

    Power Users are expected to test and provide detailed and unbiased feedback on the test sample within one week of receiving the product. If circumstances prevent a Power User from providing timely feedback, they are expected to provide advanced notice. Delayed feedback may impact eligibility to apply for future BONDPAW products.

  • 4. Who is eligible to apply?

    This program is not open to the public. Applicants are selected based on several criteria, including their history and helpfulness of reviews on Amazon and other sites such as YouTube, tech websites, forums, etc. Some basic requirements for application:

  • 5. I'm a new Power User. How do I get started?

    To get started, please log in and choose the product you would like to review.

  • 6. What if I am not interested in the current product selections?

    If none of the current products strike your fancy, please wait for an update of selection which typically occurs every couple weeks.

  • 7. How will I be notified of new product selections?

    If a product has limited compatibility (such a specific cell phone or laptop model battery), we will contact Power Users who have related device by email. So to receive more customized updates, please indicate your preferences, interests, and relevant devices in your application. Power Users who miss the chance to review any BONDPAW products for 3 consecutive months can directly email